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Canopies & Structures by Versa

Versa is conversant in the design, manufacture and installation of steel canopies, structures and walkways.
Typical situations include airports, hotels, offices, public plazas and hospitals. Along with working with our existing designs which can be easily produced and replicated, bespoke projects can be accommodated working in conjunction with Architects. From entrance canopies to free standing walkways and cantilevered structures we can offer a design and complete product package.

Canopy & Structures Range

Versa manufactures a range of Canopies, Structures & Walkways for many different situations. Below are some examples of our products from previous installations.

Lytham Gullwing Canopy Shelter installed at weatherspoons
Highrise large childrens canopy for schools
Juno mild steel canopy
Lytham Gullwing Canopy
Highrise School Canopy
Juno Canopy

Our Ladys canopy installed in a Wigan school in Lancashire
Stringer school waiting canopy & shelter
Large gullwing canopy
Our lady's Canopy
Stringer Canopy
Arcadian Walkway

Wembly Walkway shelter
Bents trolley bay
Timber meet and greet canopy and shelter
Wembley Canopy
Bentos Trolley Bay
  Melville Meet & Greet Canopy

small trolley bay parking unit
small trolley bay parking unit
Gullwing large trolley bay parking unit
Reporter Trolley Bay
Nixie Trolley Bay
Courier Trolley Bay

guard box and sentry hut for access to premises
Large timber and steel canopy for schools
Sentry box
Encore Canopy


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