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Case Study - University of Liverpool, Liverpool, Merseyside

University of Liverpool, Various Street Furniture Installation

Client: University of Liverpool

Architect: Leach Rhodes Walker

Main Contractor: Marcus Worthington LTD

Landscape Consultants: Planit Construction

Project Overview:

Walter Carefoots and the client Wigan MBC, commissioned Versa to provide a range of Street Furniture and Shelters for the Beech Hill School redevelopment. The school was keen to support the Government initiative to encourage children to cycle to school. Versa provided cycle storage in the form of Sheffield cycle hoops and a Worthington compound for the children to store their bikes during class time. In addition to this Versa provided a fully enclosed Adlington pram store, which gave parents the facility to securely store prams and buggies, whilst dropping of their children at Nursery and Preschool. The final piece of the package involved Versa designing, supplying and fitting a railing system for the ramped access into the school yard. Versa worked very closely with the main contractor and the client to provide a bespoke solution to suit their specific needs.


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