Q. Which number do I ring to get intouch with the Versa sales department?

Q. I have a bespoke design, can you manufacture it?

Q. I'm not sure if I like my design, is there anyway I can see a preview?

Q. I sent you a quotation, how long before I can get a price back?

Q. Do you have 'Ex-Stock' of your most popular items/prodcuts?

Q. I dont want to install the product as I am unsure how it fits together?

Q. How much and how long will it take for the product to be delivered?

Q. Do your products come with a guarantee?

Q. What timber types do you use to manufacture your products?

Q. Can we pick up from your warehouse to avoid delivery costs?

Q. Can you store my products until we are ready for it on site?

Q. Do you open on weekends?

Q. What is your manufacturing lead time?

Q. Baseplate or fixed? What does this mean?

Q. My product is damaged when it was delivered?