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Timber & Recycled Plastic Post & Rail Systems

Versa's post & rail systems are a decorative means of restricting access to potentially hazardous areas, they are ideally suited to roads, waterfronts, on bridges and near steep inclines.

Polymer Posts and Rails can be coloured to any B.S or RAL colour. Colouring can be important as this can be used to identify authorities, councils or business's. The polymer product types offers a good resistance to corrosions in harsh weather conditions such as seaside towns or cities.

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Post & Rail Range

Our range of Posts & Rail systems are listed below in timber and recycled platic.

Pallisade timber fencingPallisade timber fencing
  Palisade Timber & Steel Rail

Palisade Timber and mild steel rail is an effective solution for easy control over an area. Post can be manufactured from Oak or Iroko timber to form a square shape with an apex top, with either stainless or mild steel running through.

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Cypress timber knee rail fencingCypress timber knee rail fencing
  Cypress Timber Knee Rail

Typical applications of the Cypress knee railare usually found on car parks and land edges to mark boundaries to encourage people to use specified routes and prevent foot traffic from entering certain areas.

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ink Recycled plastic chain fencing system
  Link Barrier System

Link recycled square post barrier system uses chains instead of rails to form a barrier. Being square and tall makes this system ideal for no go areas.

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Runner knee high recycled plastic rail systemRunner knee high recycled plastic rail system
  Runner Barrier System

Runner recycled plastic knee post system is a cost effective way to discourage public traffic from entering land areas. The Runner is square in shape with a single rail running through the top, The Runner has reflective banding as an optional feature.

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Warder knee high barrierWarder knee high barrier
  Warder Barrier System

Warder Barrier is small enough to be discreet but still discourages public traffic from entering areas.

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Hurdle recycled plastic fencing systemHurdle recycled plastic fencing system
  Hurdle Barrier System

The Hurdle is a very small fence barrier system, It can often be used for marking boundaires of grass lines within towns and housing estates. Its primary role as a barrier is to stop public traffic such as people, bikes and prams from destroying grass sections by taking shortcuts.

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Boundry fencing system made from recycled plastic
  Boundary Fence System

Boundary fence system is a heavy duty barrier, which makes this ideal for securing livestock within fields. Being plastic makes the fencing system virtually maintenance free and is more secure than a wood system.

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