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Polyurethane Seats & Benches

Polymer Seat and bench slats are made from wood fibre composite (WPC) comprising 50% sawdust from waste wood and 50% recycled polymer. WPC is more durable than wood as it resists moisture and chemicals; does not absorb bacteria or fungi and is impervious to pests. WPC is coloured throughout, it does not need paint, sealants or preservatives and its protective finish is resistant to most paints and inks.

Polyurethane Seating Range

We have two available benches for polyurethane seating, Other seats can be made to your design specification.

River Side polyurethane seating
  River Side Bench

The River side bench is based around a unique elliptical form to complement the Versa post and rail system. This results in a highly contemporary and functional design. The standard range is silver but is available in other colours. The slats are available in silver or black, Other colours or timber are available at special request.

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Sea Side polymer seat
  Sea Side Seat

The Sea Side Seat is an addition to the River Side Bench, The three slated polymer back transforms this into a seat. This bench was installed at Whalley Range High School in Manchester.

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